The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 902 Was This Divine Retribution?

Chapter 902 Was This Divine Retribution?

Everyone was too frightened to figure out if it was real or fake. This was not the time to joke. They opened the car door and ran out. Fortunately, for convenience, Nicole and Julie wore flats. However, Yvette was always the most concerned about her image. Even if she was stepping in mud, she had to step on it in high heels. It was not very convenient when she ran. Ian tried to pull Nicole, but Nicole looked at Julie, whose legs had gone numb. Julie’s face was as white as paper. “Ian, you take Julie, and I’ll take Yvette. Don’t waste energy. Hurry up and run!” “Nicole, you have to keep up!” Julie gritted her teeth and ran ahead with Ian. Based on what they learned in school, they should run perpendicular to the direction of the mudslide at this time. However, it was dark all around without a single trace of light. The faint light emitted by their phones in their hands was of no use at all. Since they could not make any judgments, they could only run in the opposite directi

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