The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 903 Sending Her Off?

Chapter 903 Sending Her Off?

Daylight cut through the darkness, and the sun penetrated the clouds. Nicole’s eyes were stung by the lights, but her mind was still in the pitch-black night. She was trapped in the stormy weather where, behind them was a mudslide that could swallow them at any time, and ahead of them was a road that stretched endlessly. She kept running with no end in sight. Her body became tense. However, in the next second, the road ahead turned into an abyss. When she stepped on the road, her foot landed in thin air and her body felt weightless. She suddenly woke up. Cold sweat dripped down her forehead. Nicole opened her sluggish eyes for several seconds before slowly coming to her senses. Everything around her was unfamiliar. Her head was dizzy and painful. She reached out to touch it and felt that it was wrapped in gauze. Not far away was the movement of a lighter flickering. Nicole looked over and saw a tall and familiar silhouette. It looked a little like Clayton. She blinked. ‘Is t

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