The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 904 Devote Your Life to Him

Chapter 904 Devote Your Life to Him

Julie said, “There was indeed a mudslide, but we were lucky. The direction of the mudslide wasn’t in the direction we ran, so we managed to escape.” ‘No wonder! We’re really lucky!’ Nicole thought. “But it was a close call. If Clayton hadn’t arrived in time to save us, we wouldn’t have been able to escape if the mudslide spread too widely.” Yvette nodded. “I always thought that Clayton was treacherous and sly underneath his aloof front. It looks like I was wrong about him. I was scared to death when you fell unconscious. Fortunately, he arrived. Clayton knew the weather was bad but still came to find you because he was afraid that you’d encounter a mudslide. To be honest, I haven’t been moved by a man for a long time.” Julie poked her head with a finger. “Is this the time to make heart-eyes at someone?” Yvette rubbed her head sheepishly and sat down beside Nicole. “Anyway, the man appeared in that life-or-death situation. I feel like he’s completely flawless!” Nicole’s chest tr

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