The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 907 Go Out to Calm Down

Chapter 907 Go Out to Calm Down

Clayton’s hand was warm and wide, holding her slim and cold fingers. His deep pupils held a hint of determination. “I want to try, Nicole. I want to erase all your bad memories and fill your life with happiness. I want you to always be arrogant and confident, just like when I first met you. Nicole, even if it’s hard, it feels sweet to me.” At least, he would have a chance to leave a trace of warmth in her life and soothe her painful feelings. Winter had not passed yet, but the warm sun had spread here. Nicole felt the warmth. Clayton always cared for her. Maybe she should have cut out her past a long time ago and started her life anew. Happiness had always been right in front of her. It was her who deliberately ignored it. After a long time, a heavy boulder in her heart gradually disappeared. ‘Why not start over? Did I have to suffer my entire life because of Eric?’ During Nicole’s hesitation, Clayton saw the conflict in her eyes and thought that his words had troubled her. H

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