The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 908 I Want to Kiss You

Chapter 908 I Want to Kiss You

Yvette ran over and sat down like an obedient student. “Stop keeping us in suspense and tell us!” Nicole paused before speaking slowly. “There’s nothing much I can repay him with, so I can only devote myself to him.” For an instant, the two people were dumbfounded. It was like a small stone that was thrown into a lake, causing a huge ripple. Yvette looked even more excited than Nicole. “We made a bet earlier that you’d rather give Stanton Corporation to him than give yourself to him. What are you thinking?!” Nicole looked at Julie, who gave her a calm smile. Nicole looked at Yvette. “What did you bet on?” Yvette muttered, “That you’d never give yourself to him, but Julie guessed that you would. I just told her that she’d lose!” Nicole could not help but laugh. “Sorry, but you lost!” Yvette could not help but roll her eyes, angry but also happy. ‘Everyone clearly condemned my idea for being rotten when I suggested it earlier! Why did it come true the moment I thought otherwis

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