The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 90 She’s a Trash Can

Chapter 90 She’s a Trash Can

Nicole walked over perplexed and saw the understated yet luxurious packaging with the familiar brand logo on it. Yvette looked down and picked one of the bags up. “Huh? Aren’t these the items you just picked in the store?” ‘They are!’ These clothes looked so familiar. Nicole frowned and was puzzled. ‘Didn’t Ingrid swoop in to buy them? How did these appear here then?’ The receptionist explained, “The store manager sent them over personally saying that these are already paid for by Mr. Ferguson.” ‘Eric Ferguson?’ Nicole’s eyes sank slightly. ‘He must’ve done this just for the emerald pipe, but I don’t appreciate it.’ Yvette let out a cold laugh. “Eric Ferguson? What does he mean by this?" Nicole looked up indifferently. “Have someone send these to Ferguson Corporation and return it to him.” The receptionist was stunned because she initially thought that Vice President Nicole was getting back together with Eric Ferguson. It looked like that was not happening any time soon. “Yes

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