Chapter 91 Galactic

This exclusive private fashion show was held at an impressive manor with exquisite and opulent decor. The entire manor seemed to be integrated with the night. The dim starlight flickered faintly in the doorway. It looked like the Milky Way was on the ground. Once the guests entered the venue, they could see the starry sky overhead and the Milky Way. It was very awe-inspiring as they felt like they were in the vast universe. Kai followed behind Nicole and Yvette, then looked around in amazement. “Hmm… Not bad!” Nicole rolled her eyes at him and lifted her chin with honor. “That’s for sure! There are only three people from showbiz who got invited, and you’re one of them.” “I’m truly honored,” Kai said with a smile. His handsome face was even more charming and deep. “Nikki!” Julie walked over. When she saw Kai at the back, she paused for a moment, then greeted him with a smile. “Welcome, Mr. Superstar.” Kai hooked his lips. “Jules, are you planning to dominate the fashion circle?”

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