Chapter 920 Madly in Love

Toto felt cold and numb. Seeing Nicole calmly smiling and nodding, Toto suddenly felt panic from the bottom of his heart. ‘If Eric were to find out… Oh god, I can’t imagine it!’ Toto thought. Toto stood up and took a step back, somewhat incoherent. “I don’t… Don’t dare to…” Nicole narrowed her eyes. “Don’t dare to do what?” “I don’t dare to pass on your message to Mr. Ferguson. Ms. Stanton, I… I still have work. Goodbye!” Then, Toto ran away while trembling. Nicole smiled speechlessly. Was such a large reaction necessary? When Clayton saw that Toto left, he calmly walked over to close the door and glanced at Nicole’s soup on the table. “I thought you didn’t want to go public?” Nicole raised her brows and put down the teacup in her hand. “This isn’t going public. It’s a notice to let certain people be mentally prepared.” Clayton raised his brows and his lips curled in a smile. That certain person most likely did not want to make this matter public any more than they did.

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