The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 921 Future Brother-In-Law

Chapter 921 Future Brother-In-Law

For several days, Clayton wanted nothing more than to move his stuff to the hospital so he could stay with Nicole 24/7. Nicole’s foot injury had almost healed, but she had fully seen Clayton’s degree of clinginess, which gave her a headache. Fortunately, Grant was too busy in the company and gave her an ultimatum, so she was discharged from the hospital excitedly. However, instead of moving back to Stanton Mansion, Nicole moved to Crystal Gardens instead. It was an upscale private apartment that had always been in her name. Logan had almost finished packing and accompanied Nicole over to see what else needed to be added. Although Floyd was reluctant at first when he heard about it, for Nicole’s happiness, he could only nod and agree. On the day of the discharge, the entire Stanton family, except for Maverick, who was in the research institute, went to Crystal Gardens. Nicole’s favorite designer specially designed the place according to her style. The interior design combined wit

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