The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 936 You’ll Regret It

Chapter 936 You’ll Regret It

Besides saving Nicole twice by luck, Eric really could not figure out what else Clayton had for her to like him. That was gratitude, not love. He wanted to let Nicole recognize that clearly. Do not be fooled by him just because of gratitude! Nicole was silent for a few seconds before her voice lowered. “I’m together with him because I know what kind of person he is, but I don’t have to explain it to other people.” Lil Michael’s existence could be considered a stain to Clayton. However, Nicole never minded it. She only felt heartache on behalf of Clayton. Eric’s fist tightened and loosened. His voice was hoarse. “I can also risk my life for you, Nicole…” His tone was almost pleading. Nicole’s eyes moved slightly as she looked at him coldly and seriously. “Mr. Ferguson, it has been proven that we’re not suitable. Please stop wasting your time on me. I hope that our relationship will just remain as business partners…” Just as she spoke, Clayton could not hold back anymore and

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