The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 937 He’s Married

Chapter 937 He’s Married

After Clayton heard her words, the corners of his mouth swelled with a warm smile. He was completely reassured. From the beginning, Nicole had never said “I like you” before, but she was already prepared to like him. That was enough. Eric was not important. No matter what Eric did, it was impossible for him to get Nicole’s heart again. Clayton held her hand and did not let go. Although Nicole was not used to it, she did not feel uncomfortable. Clayton sent her to her door but did not go in. He looked at her with a gentle smile. “Goodnight, Nicole.” Clayton lived just upstairs, so close to her. Nicole smiled and waved. “Goodnight.” The two of them stood face to face, no one leaving first. “You go first?” Nicole suggested. Clayton said, “You go in first.” ...... The two of them struggled for a while and Nicole’s face quietly grew red. The phone in the room suddenly rang, and she sighed in relief. “Okay, I’ll go in first!” She ran inside as if she was fleeing. Nicole hea

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