Chapter 941 I’ll Divorce

In an instant, Sean’s eyes shook, and his movements stalled, and the bodyguards to the side swarmed at him. Four to five bodyguards pinned his body so he could not move a muscle. Sean stared at Yvette with a bloodshot gaze. “I told you that I’ll get a divorce. Can’t you wait one day?” Yvette’s voice was still hoarse from crying as she let out a heart-wrenching scream. “F*ck your divorce! I was really stupid to be fooled by you. Go back and live with your wife. Do you deserve to be with me?” Why did she not realize before that this man’s heart was black? She wanted to just go up and tear this hypocritical Sean Moore to pieces! The temperature in the room suddenly dropped. Sean’s gaze trembled fiercely. Grant glanced at him indifferently and walked out in large strides with Yvette in his arms. When they left, a gust of cold wind entered, empty and deserted. Sean’s expression was extremely ugly. His eyes were dark and cold, and his mood was extremely low. Hellen stood there, i

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