Chapter 942 Dedicated to Money

Nicole looked at it and her eyes sank. She remembered it clearly. Ines Xavier, the daughter of Gemini Entertainment, had provoked her recklessly. Later, Nicole used her family’s power to suppress Gemini Entertainment until they were barely lingering now. “Did Sean hide his last name to avenge his father?” Julie shook her head. “I don’t think it’s for revenge. He doesn’t have much contact with Gabriel, and this identity doesn’t bring him much benefit either. He’s backed by his mother’s family. The Moore family didn't have a good foundation, especially in the first few years when signs of decline were obvious. However, their situation suddenly changed in recent years, most likely due to Sean’s efforts.” She did not expect that Gabriel Xavier of Gemini Entertainment had such a capable illegitimate son. He was much stronger than Ines. Julie paused and lowered her voice, letting out a sigh. “He’s married with a daughter of a nouveau riche, but it’s rumored that their relationship is

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