Chapter 943 I’m Blinded

The doctor smiled. “Ms. Quimbey’s body is fine, but there are still residues of the injected drugs in her body. It’ll take eight to nine hours for her to fully recover. She’s also a little feverish, but we’ve given her a shot for that, so her fever will subside in a while.” Nicole and Julie sighed in relief. It seemed like they went there in time. After the doctor left, the two of them sat there, looking at Yvette who was lying there in a daze. She seemed to be cursing someone in her dreams. She was scolding Sean. They vaguely heard words like “scumbag” and “go to hell”. Nicole and Julie exchanged a smile. If another person experienced this, they might feel so agonized that they would want to die. However, Yvette only thought about revenge! Less than half an hour later, Clayton rushed back. Nicole looked at the logo of the lunch box he was carrying. It looked like it was from a famous private kitchen. People usually did not even have the chance to get their number to make a r

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