The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 987 Is He Better Than Me?

Chapter 987 Is He Better Than Me?

Nicole naturally knew that there were no emotional developments with Julie and that Julie was conflicted about whether or not to accept Kai’s goodwill. Nicole advised Julie to calm down and think about it before deciding. However, she did not dare to say this to Kai. Kai scoffed. “That’s more like it. Aida, if you have any celebrities that you like, I can invite them to the engagement ceremony. Consider it my congratulatory gift…” In the entertainment industry, Kai was a steady big boss. Aida looked up in surprise and spoke without hesitation. “Really? Fabian! I like Fabian!” ‘Oh? That young idol?’ Nicole subconsciously looked up and saw Aida with stars in her eyes as she clasped her hands. “Little Fabian is just too adorable. I want him to come. Is that possible?” Kai gave a wicked smile and looked unconcerned. “Of course…” The moment Kai looked up, he saw Grant’s warning look, so he instantly took back his words. “Of course… not!” Aida’s starry eyes dimmed for a moment.

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