The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 988 He’s Gonna Die

Chapter 988 He’s Gonna Die

Since they established their relationship, Clayton constantly contacted Nicole. Clayton told her to eat well, to remember to rest, to drink less coffee… Sometimes, when Nicole saw them, she would reply. However, when she was busy, she would simply ignore them. Despite that, Clayton never got angry. He sent messages almost once every five minutes. Somewhere along the line, she had gotten used to it. Nicole frowned when she looked at the quiet phone. When she opened up their chatlog, she saw that their conversations always started because he initiated them. She typed a few words into the chatbox. “Are you busy…” Thinking about it, she deleted it. It was better to call directly. A few seconds later, the call was answered. “Pretty Lady, I missed you so much…” It was sweet Lil Michael! Nicole smiled. “I missed you too. Why did you answer the phone? Where’s your daddy?” Lil Michael grunted and spoke hesitantly. “Daddy got beaten up and has a fever now. He’s gonna die!” Nicole

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