The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 989 Take Care of You

Chapter 989 Take Care of You

Only the two of them were left in the room, but Nicole could barely hear Clayton’s breathing. Nicole pursed her lips. For some reason, she felt her nose sting. She reached out to touch Clayton’s forehead and found that it was indeed burning up. Just as she was about to retract her hand, a hand suddenly pulled hers. Nicole jumped. His large hand was hot, just like his body temperature. Nicole could not care about that and hurriedly went up to him. “You’re awake?” Her voice was tinged with caution as if she was afraid of startling him. Clayton opened his dry mouth. His voice was as coarse as sandpaper. “Why are you here?” Nicole’s eyes reddened, too embarrassed to say that she only remembered to come because he had not contacted her. She pursed her lips. “I called your phone, but Lil Michael picked up and said that you had a fever…” The corners of Clayton’s mouth pulled into a weak smile as he comforted her. “It’s fine. I’m sorry I made you worry, but… I’m really happy that

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