The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 990 I Want to Eat You

Chapter 990 I Want to Eat You

Nicole went to the balcony and dialed Eric’s phone while waiting for the ice. Eric was clearly very surprised when he picked up. “Nicole? I was just about to call you. Our thoughts really are connected…” “Eric Ferguson, does it feel good to hit someone? Why didn’t you hit yourself twice to satisfy that urge?” Nicole gritted her teeth and lowered her voice. ‘Eric F*ckerson really deserves a scolding!’ Eric was silent for a few seconds before he spoke with a slightly cold voice. “He snitched on me?” His tone was disdainful. Nicole took a deep breath. “Did he have to? Anyone with eyes would be able to see it!” Eric snorted coldly. It was not even a fight. Clayton could not even endure one punch? “I’m telling you, if you dare to make a move on the people around me again, I won’t let you off!” Nicole threatened him. ‘Did he think he’s the only one who could hit others? He’s too arrogant and conceited!’ She ruthlessly hung up the phone without waiting for Eric to explain. Mitche

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