The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
Chapter 996 Offensive Words

Chapter 996 Offensive Words

Nicole’s lips curled. ‘Am I that scary? Look how frightened this woman is!’ Ava and the other woman were shocked too. The other woman immediately stood up and bowed at Nicole. “Hello, Ms. Stanton!” Yvette laughed in amusement. Then, with a disdainful glance at Macy, she tore off the mask on her face. Macy swallowed her saliva in horror, at a loss. “Ms. Stanton, I… I didn’t mean to say that—” Ava glared at her fiercely. Macy was so proactive when she came over to flatter Ava. Now, she was quicker than anyone in shirking her responsibility. Nicole did not care about these two women at all. She looked at Ava indifferently. Her voice was cold with a condescending tone. “Even if you want to spread rumors about me, it’s useless to go to them. They can’t even brush against the edge of the upper-class circle. They’re just scraps of leftovers waiting to be picked up. How would they have found you otherwise?” The two women’s faces turned as red as tomatoes. They did not dare to look

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