Chapter 997 Retaliate

Yvette laughed. “Offensive? I can say even more offensive stuff. Do you think your family will be willing to do everything for you? Stop dreaming. Your family assets were notarized by a lawyer before you came back. You have no share in it. If your ability was so outstanding, why didn’t anyone in your family offer you to join the company?” Ava’s body shook violently. Her seductive face grew slightly sinister and doubtful. Slowly, she also felt that something was wrong. Ava had mentioned her excellent resume many times, but her father had interrupted her and changed the topic. Her brother and sister also never brought up company affairs. They all told her to “enjoy life” affectionately. Ava thought that she had really become the family’s little princess. ‘Could it be…’ Yvette was satisfied when she saw Ava’s change in expression. What was there to pity for a stupid woman who lacked self-awareness? Nicole was impatient and let out a faint laugh. “Well, what’s the use of talking

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