Chapter 1003

Helios turned around, but Nolan and Maisie weren’t there anymore. As such, he smiled. “Nobody’s here.” Barbara burst out laughing. Helios lowered his head and kissed her while she put her arms around him. Under the lighting, they looked like a beautiful painting. At that moment in the garage… Nolan kissed Maisie passionately while holding her against the car. He moved his hand down from her lips to her neck. Maisie held her cheeks and snapped back. “Hold on. We’re not at home!” He smiled, held her hand, and kissed her fingers. “Let’s go home then.” When they got back to the Blue Bay villa, they started kissing the moment they stepped in. Nolan carried her to the table and let her sit on it. He pulled off his tie and looked at her seductively. “You’re not going to get away.” They were all over each other, and Nolan immediately kissed her passionately, making her lose her mind. He said into her ear, “Maisie, call my name.” She moaned, “Nolan.” He wanted more. She yelled,

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