Chapter 1004

“Are you alright?” Lucy was getting up to apologize, but the person held out a hand. She paused and looked up. Lucy saw a handsome man in front of her and was stunned. Since when did they have such a handsome man working here? Hector looked at her curiously. “Hey, are you alright?” “Oh, I’m sorry.” Lucy stood up and patted her skirt, then flashed a bright smile. “I’m fine.” Hector nodded and walked past her. Lucy was still thinking about something when she saw Hector walk toward the office, and she was surprised. Was he someone close to Ms. Vanderbilt? Maisie looked up when someone knocked and put the agreement down. “Come in.” He looked at her. “It’s me, Hector.” Maisie stood up and took a long look at him. “Hector?” She walked over. “Did you get cosmetic surgery?” Hector rolled his eyes. “No.” “Hmm…” Maisie circled him and nodded. “You cut off your annoying yellow hair. You look a lot better with short hair. Even your clothes look clean and tidy. It’s a huge improvement

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