Chapter 100

That face was so beautiful it must have been an illusion! Nolan looked at her. “You’re back?” She looked away and walked in with the agreement in her hand. “You have a lot of time on your hands, Mr. Goldmann.” “I heard that you wasted half a day at Taylor Jewelry before you met Madam Nera?” “Do you have a camera on me or something?” Maisie checked her clothes. He definitely did! Nolan pursed his thin lips. He slowly stood up and walked toward her. “Why didn’t you tell her that you’re part of the Blackgold Group?” A new company trying to discuss a partnership with Taylor might be looked down on simply because Taylor wouldn’t know how good they were, so they wouldn’t just agree to it. However, if it was a company under the Blackgold Group, Taylor would at least consider them because there would be financial backing. Nolan might not even bat an eye at the harsh conditions that Taylor gave. Maisie set the agreement on the desk and leaned on the desk. “Why should I say that I’m par

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