Chapter 99

After saying that, she walked to Madam Nera, smiled, and looked at her. “Taylor uses tanzanite as an exquisite gem. That shows that you and I both think that tanzanites have a lot of potential. “There are too few designs that use tanzanite in Zlokova. A lot of the younger crowd never witnessed the charm of tanzanites. If it’s hidden, there’s no longer a reason for it to exist in the market.” Madam Nera stared at the sincere young woman before her, thinking about the other people who had talked to her about partnering for channels to get tanzanite. They didn’t choose it because they saw the charm but instead favored it because of its rarity. There was a limited amount of tanzanites to be mined. There wouldn’t be any more left in a few decades, and when that happened, their value would surpass the sapphires. Since rare items were more valuable, she didn’t want to waste such a precious stone on something that was meaningless. Therefore, she always gave conditions that were hard to be

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