Chapter 98

They didn’t cause a scene nor do anything. If they threw them out just because they were newly established, people would say that Taylor looked down on new companies. “Let them wait if that’s what they want.” After another hour, the staff came back to report, but Madam Nera ignored it. When afternoon came, the staff came back again to report, looking defeated. “They haven’t left. They’ve ordered some food delivery. I guess they plan to stay here all night.” Madam Nera could not sit around like they planned to do. She turned her wheelchair around. “Bring me to them.” She had underestimated the perseverance of the small company’s employees. That was perhaps the reason she was curious. She wanted to see how much confidence this small jewel company had. “They’re so shameless. They refused to leave because Madam Nera didn’t want to see them.” “I would probably be too ashamed to stay.” “They even ordered food delivery. Do they think that this is their home?” A few employees were gos

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