Chapter 97

In comparison, Mr. Santiago was a lot friendlier than his daughter. Kennedy smiled helplessly. “I guess La Perla had the same intentions as us when they sent Ms. Santiago over to negotiate for a partnership.” “They’re trying to get Taylor’s source?” Maisie raised her brows. Kennedy sounded worried. “I wonder what condition La Perla will bring to the table. I’m afraid that $12,000,000 won’t be enough.” Just access to the source of tanzanite would already cost around $12,000,000. Since Taylor was the only company that had the right to work with Beaumont, monopolizing the import channels alone would have cost Taylor an obscene amount of money. They waited there for almost an hour before the staff appeared again. “I’m sorry, Madam Nera said that since your studio is newly established and not listed yet, she doesn’t know how good you are. Thus, she wishes that you will come back when you’ve become more established.” Kennedy got up. “Did Madam Nera really say that?” The staff looked

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