Chapter 1025

Ryleigh replied, “I guess she’s almost done. She’s done her makeup already.” Larissa came and said, “The wedding is about to start. Where is Zee?” “I’m here.” Maisie came out of the dressing room in her wedding gown. The dark-colored wedding dress was exquisitely crafted and beautifully tailored, with a layer of gradient-colored tulle outside her gown that stretched to the ground. Three grooms were waiting in front of the carriages. After a while, they saw their brides walking toward them. Nolan had put on a double-breasted black tuxedo with gold lines on the sleeves, echoing Maisie's gilded black veil. Nolan stretched his hand toward her. Maisie held his hand, and he grabbed her into his arms. He scooped her up from the ground, and as he carried her into the carriage, he whispered into her ear, “You’re so pretty tonight, Zee.” Maisie chuckled lightly and replied, “You’re very handsome as well.” Nolan wrapped his arms around her waist and stroked her cheek through the veil.

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