Chapter 1026

Louis looked at her. “You’ve misheard. I didn’t say anything just now.” Robbin and Blake were rendered speechless. Ryleigh frowned. “Really?” Louis responded with a nod, then picked up a piece of cake and delivered it into her mouth. “Does it taste delicious?” “It’s not bad.” Ryleigh nodded, forgot what she wanted to ask, turned around, and started eating the cake. Louis looked at the dumbstruck Robbin and Blake and gave off a faint smile. Robbin and Blake gave him a thumbs-up. ‘D*mn, bro. You’re totally in control.’ On the other hand, because Barbara was pregnant, she could only accept the toasts and blessings from everyone with warm water instead of wine. Nina and Helios’ manager, Morgan, came up to them and proposed a toast, while entertainers and directors who were close to Helios came along too. Morgan laughed when he saw Daisie and Waylon. “Aren’t these two our young celebrities from back then?” Daisie remembered him. She was wearing a beautiful princess dress and nodde

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