Chapter 103

“Indeed, what happened six years ago might just be an accident to you,” Nolan stared at her eyes and said with a mild tone, “But it isn’t to me.” ‘I wouldn’t spend so much effort to locate her if I only treated that incident as an accident. ‘Perhaps it can be said that the person who drugged me back then led me to a woman who gave me one hell of a night six years ago. ‘Her beauty, her fragrance, I can never forget each of the details. ‘I’ve been in the business circle for so many years and have seen countless gorgeous women, but I’ve never met a woman who can make me feel such a strong sensation. That’s something that even Willow can’t achieve.’ Nolan pinched her chin lightly and brushed her red lips with his fingertips. “Even though I had kept Willow by my side for six years, I never touched her. Because the woman that I got it on with that night was someone that had the ability to make me lose control, but she isn’t.” Maisie was petrified. ‘Is he seducing me? He’s obviously a

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