Chapter 104

“Hand him all the drawings on the desk.” “Do you plan to give her more?” “Yes.” Maisie raised her eyes. “She’ll start to be ambitious once she gets a taste of hope. So in order to make her more ambitious, we’ll have to satisfy her appetite.” Kennedy delivered all the designs to Freddy in secret following Maisie's intentions. After Freddy got the designs, he went over to Vaenna Jewelry and handed them to Willow. Willow was overjoyed when she got her hands on the sketches. After all, Vaenna was going to rely on the designs on these sketches to maintain its profit and reputation. ‘And if I were to be known as the creator of all these designs…’ Willow was exceptionally excited when she thought of Freddy’s willingness to be her ghost designer. She even posted all these designs onto her personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. Sure enough, the click-through rate of all the posts had hit tens of thousands. When Maisie saw that Willow had posted all the designs onto Facebook and Inst

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