Chapter 105

‘Maybe it’s because Willow has become popular now and has been invited by exception! In short, Willow’s ability to get invited to such an event has salvaged my status in the family!’ Stephen stood up and went upstairs in silence—that was when the atmosphere of the room brightened slightly. Leila smiled. “I’ll go upstairs to see your father.” Leila followed him to the room. Seeing that Stephen’s expression looked distressed, she stepped forward and grabbed his arm. “Dear, what’s the matter with you?” Stephen flung her hand away. “As a mother, how can you allow your daughter to act like this?” Leila, who got scolded out of the blue, felt baffled. “What’s wrong with Willie?” “She’s not the designer of all those jewelry. You can fool anyone else and Mother, but you can’t fool me.” Stephen knew too much about his daughter. He would be convinced if the series of jewelry were said to be designed by Maisie because her ability and strength were obviously up there. However, if they were

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