Chapter 1042

They knew they had stood up for the wrong person, and they felt too embarrassed to stay here. Just when they were going to leave Jodie behind and run away, Xyla called out to them. “Hold on a second. You people were very aggressive just now when you were criticizing her, so what now? Is it that hard for you people to open your mouth and apologize to her?” Seeing that they refused to apologize to her, Ryleigh said, “Forget about it. I don’t need their apology.” “That’s your business. They did the wrong thing, so they have to apologize. If they can't even apologize for what they've done wrong, they might not be fit to be an instructor. In that case, I suggest they pack their stuff and go home as they will only negatively influence the students.” No matter how reluctant those female instructors were, they could do nothing but apologize to Ryleigh under Xyla’s oppression. Ryleigh accepted their apology. Xyla pulled out a lipstick and freshened up her makeup through the phone screen.

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