Chapter 1043

Louis raised his eyebrows. “Of course, I do. I have seen a lot of women, so do you think she can fool me with those petty tricks?” Ryleigh did not say anything. Initially, she thought no man would be able to differentiate b*tches from other ordinary women. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and asked incredulously, “Then why did you behave like a stupid man during the incident with Willow?” Louis was momentarily stumped when Ryleigh brought up the incident from three years ago. He was caught between tears and laughter as he said, “I didn’t even like Willow, alright? When my mother said that she's my cousin because of an item of evidence, did I believe it?” Ryleigh was stumped. It seemed to her that Louis was right. He had never admitted that Willow was his cousin. Suddenly, she remembered something and went closer to him. “Then am I a scheming girl to you?” “You?” Louis crossed his arms around his chest and laughed. “If you're considered a scheming girl with your intellig

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