Chapter 1052

He calmly replied, “In-law.” Maisie immediately asked, “Are you sure that Hector stole something? Did you investigate it?” The officer didn’t know what to do. “The expensive stolen watch was found in Mr. Vanderbilt’s bag. We’re still investigating what actually happened.” Maisie rushed into the interrogation room when Hector turned to look at her and lowered his head. “I didn’t steal the watch.” Maisie looked at him. “I believe you, but what happened?” Hector tightened his fist. “The assistant of the editor-in-chief gave it to me.” He clenched his jaw.” I bumped into the editor-in-chief’s wife having an affair in the office, and he tried to bribe me with the watch so that I wouldn’t spill out the beans. I didn’t agree nor take the watch, but it suddenly showed up in my bag.” Maisie took a deep breath because this was obviously a setup and held her forehead. “So he found out that you found out?” Hector nodded. Maisie looked at him. “How did you find out?” Hector scratched his

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