Chapter 1053

Surprisingly, the editor-in-chief kept him. Had he learned something? Mr. Lowe looked sickly when he thought about that. When the editor-in-chief wanted to send someone to check the footage, Mr. Lowe suddenly blurted, “I-If it’s just a misunderstanding, let’s just let it go.” The staff next to him looked at each other, noticing that something was off. Hector looked at him. “Why don’t we check the cameras? I was arrested because of you, and I was framed. We need the surveillance videos to clear my name.” “You!” Mr. Lowe’s eyes burned with anger while he clenched his jaw. “I apologize for blaming you.” Hector smiled. “Alright, there’s no need to check the footage if you think it’s a misunderstanding too.” After the meeting, Mr. Lowe caught up with Hector and pulled him into a safe corridor. He grabbed Hector by the collar angrily. “Did you tell the editor-in-chief?” Hector looked calm. “What was I supposed to tell him?” His smile triggered Mr. Lowe, who glared at him furious

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