Chapter 1066

The place they were standing was a huge balcony in front of the room with a sea view, as if it was connected to the sea. The Milky Way was splitting the night sky in two. Nolan hugged her. “Do you like this?” “Yes!” She put her hand out as though she could touch the stars. Nolan put out his hand and placed it on top of hers, and the two rings shone as they intertwined their fingers. Maisie turned to look at him, tip-toed, and kissed his chin. Nolan paused with smiling eyes. “Is that enough?” She put her head on his shoulder. “Don’t be greedy.” Nolan kissed her lips until she was out of breath before letting her go. He ran his finger across her lips. Maisie batted her lashes, put her hands behind his neck, and kissed him again. “Nolan, what does it feel like to be under the stars?” Nolan raised his brows. “Do you want to find out?” Maisie took off his tie, pushed him against the window, and entangled together passionately. It was like the waves rushing into shore, and it was als

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