Chapter 1067

Yorrick took a few looks at her. She hadn’t blown her hair out properly the night before, so it was a mess. She hadn’t had makeup on and had just been wearing a robe, so he didn’t recognize her the night before. However, as he took a closer look, she looked great now that she was dressed up. Her figure was pretty close to the women he had met overseas. But her actions… probably were from the entertainment world. Yorrick looked down and smiled because he thought it was funny, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t recognize you.” Xyla’s smile froze, and she naturally put the pen away. If she didn’t feel embarrassed, the other person would. When the elevator door opened, a couple who was waiting outside was deep in a kiss and didn’t notice that the doors were open. When the assistant saw who the man was, she was startled. “Nathan!?” Nathan stopped what he was doing, and his expression froze when he looked into the elevator. He then pushed the woman away. “Xyla, I can explain!” Nathan woul

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