Chapter 1069

So what if she was the princess of the entertainment industry? She was just going to be played by men. Nathan left the set with an angry face. A Lincoln Limo was parked not far away. The bodyguard got out and opened the door for Yorrick, who then put his long leg out, stood up, and buttoned up his shirt. The man who got out of the car with him was an investor in the show who said something to Yorrick and led him into the set. The director and assistant director got a call and immediately went to welcome him. When they saw how friendly their investor was to Yorrick, they smiled and asked, “And this is?” The man smiled and answered, “This is Mr. Hathaway, our new investor. He’s very interested in your show ‘The Clouds’ and plans to invest $12,000,000 into it. $12,000,000 was a huge amount. He was pretty much the biggest investor, so the director was very friendly. He immediately got the crew to bring him some tea. Yorrick looked at the actors who were taking a break. The direct

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