Chapter 1070

They started filming at the residence of Alvin, where Lily sat in her seat with a cup of tea in hand. Her movements all matched her character well, including pride and confidence. Xyla suddenly saw someone and was surprised. The director noticed it and yelled, “Cut”, then reminded her, “Xyla, we’re filming now. Please, take note of your expressions.” “Oh, I’m sorry.” Xyla smiled and looked at the man standing next to the director with his arms crossed. Why was he there? Yorrick raised his eyebrows. Maybe because she was in a bad spot or because there were more people on set, she had a few bad takes when they continued. The director was tired. “Xyla, you’re not doing well today. Is something wrong? Think about something that makes you sad, think of your family being executed, and bring in your emotions. If you can’t do it, I’ll get you some eye drops.” Xyla rubbed her forehead. Her assistant walked next to her. “Xy, don’t be affected by that *ssh*le. A lot of people are waiting f

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