Chapter 1074

Maisie smiled and replied, “Waylon is the older brother, so he’s taller than Colton. By the way, even Daisie is about the same height as Colton right now.” Nolan and Nicholas walked into the mansion, stunning Hernandez. He retracted his hand and began wheeling his wheelchair. “Why are you Goldmanns keep showing up one after another? Where is that old fart? Don't tell me that he'll be the one who'll show up in front of me next?” Nicholas chuckled and replied. “Nolan’s grandfather has been hospitalized, so I doubt he could show up here.” “Titus has been hospitalized?” Hernandez was dumbfounded. After a short while, he laughed. “He has always been very healthy, but I guess he can't escape the fate of getting hospitalized because of his old age. It will be unacceptable if I don’t pay him a visit and laugh at him.” He asked them where Titus was hospitalized and ordered the butler to bring him there. He had to go there and bicker with him. Nicholas was not surprised at all. However, n

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