Chapter 1075

Xyla’s assistant was stumped. “Then, let’s issue a warning letter.” “Calm down, Mindy. Just let him be,” Xyla said. She picked up a cup of fruit tea and took a sip. “There will be someone who’ll take care of him for us.” Since someone wanted to become her hero, she might as well give him a chance. Mindy was stunned. She did not know if she should believe in Xyla or not. After Xyla finished her fruit tea, she let out a burp. She then looked at Mindy and said, "Go buy another fruit tea for me. I want it to be cold. Then, put it in the car. The weather is awfully hot.” Just when Mindy went to do Xyla’s bidding, several actresses beside the female lead actor turned their heads around and cast their gazes on Xyla. Xyla was wearing a pair of sunglasses. She put the script under her head, and she was taking a nap. She did not rehearse with the female lead actors. One of the actresses couldn't hold herself back anymore and said, "We can let it pass at the fact that she joined the movie

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