Chapter 1076

“What? Let me take a look.” Several extras in the crew scrolled through Google Trends and ran into two huge pieces of news. Sure enough, the scheme backfired not long after the new article came out. #Nathan Hayes Slept With His Fans.# #Nathan Hayes Used Xyla Mayweather as His Stepping Stone.# These two articles topped the trending chart in a matter of hours, pushing the new articles that talked about Xyla down the list. Many fans did not believe it at first, thinking that it was part of Xyla’s plan to whitewash herself by pushing the blame onto somebody else. However, an unknown netizen uploaded a video, which shocked all of Nathan’s fans. “My God! Nathan is actually such a person?” “I was a fan before this, and this just ruined my love for him!” The video showed Nathan hugging some women and kissing two female influencers in the clubhouse. And his hand was found placed on the body of one of the influencers. As for the source of the video recording, it seemed like a candid shot

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