Chapter 1087

Jodie didn’t think that Yorrick would expose her in front of the crowd. Her face slowly turned pale. “Mr. Hathaway, how could you—” “Oh right, I remember you now. The famous socialite from Yaramoor’s Club, the girl who went overseas with the money of rich men while using three or four more rich men’s money for her living expenses. The girl who was kicked aside because she caught an STD and was fired from the Royal Academy of Music. Am I your next target now that you’re out of ideas?” Xyla couldn’t help but laugh. She stopped, however, when Yorrick glared at her. The chatter worsened. Jodie had brought this shame onto herself, and her face was pale when she fell to the floor. Why would he know all these? That was impossible! “Doctor, we should send the woman with STD to the gynecologist so that it doesn’t spread.” Yorrick waved his arm, and the two bodyguards moved forward to grab her. Jodie struggled to get free. “I don’t have that. That’s slander! I… I don’t want to go to the

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