Chapter 1088

Yorrick didn’t want to get in trouble. Xyla thought about it and nodded. “Deal.” After a month, it’d be over, so why would she say no? But after a few days, Xyla didn’t see Yorrick, and he didn’t contact her either. Xyla remained in the hospital for a week and left when her stitches were removed. Mindy came to pick her up. “Your rich boyfriend didn’t come to pick you up?” “What rich boyfriend?” Xyla put on her sunglasses, picked up her bag, and walked out of her hospital. Mindy held up the umbrella for her. “Don’t you know who your rich boyfriend really is?” She got into the car. “Who is he?” “He’s the heir of the Hathaways from Yaramoor, the richest family in the world. He’s at Zlokova to discuss his project with Eastwood Enterprise, and when the director found out who he was, he was overjoyed. With Mr. Hathaway investing in his production, the A-listers are trying to work with him for his next film.” Mindy chatted away and didn’t notice Xyla’s expression. The Hathaways f

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