Chapter 1089

Xyla smiled. “He just left the industry too soon.” Nathasha Knowles hadn’t been acting yet when her father was acting, and Royal Crown had had a different owner. After Nathasha started acting, her father quit and went behind the scenes. He then bought Royal Crown Entertainment with Nolan’s father, Nicholas. Some executives had left with the previous owner, but her father stayed. He sat in his current position and was mentored by Nicholas. After Nathasha married Nicholas, the latter gave all his Royal Crown shares to her father. That was why Royal Crown was part of the Blackgold Group, but the director was her father. Howard and Xyla chatted. They were talking about something, and Xyla burst out laughing. Yorrick came on set with his bodyguards, who were carrying two bags of items. The director saw him and stood up. “Mr. Hathaway, you’re here.” Yorrick got the bodyguards to put down the drinks they were carrying. “The weather is hot, so I brought something for the crew to cool

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