Chapter 1090

Xyla poked Yorrick’s shoulder. “Hey, are you alright?” ‘He is a little weird. Did someone offend him? Why does he look so offended?’ Yorrick stared at her for a moment and suddenly laughed. “I really don’t know whether you’re actually dumb or you are pretending to be smart.” Xyla looked into his eyes with no expression because she was lost. Yorrick turned around but stood there. “We should cancel the contract. I’ll get someone to send it over, and you can tear it up. I’ll still transfer the payment to you. You’re not the best woman to act with me.” That night, at the Mayweather mansion… When they were having dinner, Xyla pushed her food around, still thinking about what Yorrick meant. What did he mean by she wasn’t the best woman to act with him? He had reached out to her first, but now was he saying that her acting wasn’t good enough? She had never met a man who would treat her that way. Mr. and Mrs. Mayweather sat across from her and exchanged glances seeing that Xyla wasn

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