Chapter 109

Crash! The place went into chaos. “Zee!” Kennedy immediately rushed over to help her up, but she knocked over the wine bottles and glasses on the table when she fell. Her white gown was dyed red, and shattered glass cut her arm. All the discussion was on Pearl. Pearl stood there, rooted, looking pale. “No, no, I— I didn’t mean to push her.” She hadn’t used any force! “Zee, you’re hurt!” Kennedy looked at her arm and started to panic. Willow looked happy. Even though she wasn’t too badly hurt from the fall, she would probably be thrown out for causing such a commotion. “I’m alright, Uncle Kennedy.” Maisie slowly stood up, ignoring how messy she looked. She calmly looked at Pearl, who was pale. “Ms. Santiago, I was just giving you a reminder. I didn’t expect you to do this. I have a terrible impression of La Perla now.” “I— You did this deliberately!” Pearl snapped back into reality and pointed at her. “I just lightly pushed you, and you fell. You’re trying to frame me

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