Chapter 110

Willow got excited when she saw Nolan walking over. “Nol—” But when she started to speak, Nolan walked past her as if she didn’t exist. He walked to Maisie under watchful eyes. Pearl was stunned. Why was Mr. Goldmann there? How was that possible? “Mr— Mr. Goldmann, who is this woman? Why are you—” Nolan looked at her through the corner of his eyes. “Since you touched my woman, I don’t think you wish to continue surviving in this business.” “Mr.Goldmann’s woman!” the crowd murmured. Mr. Goldmann had never announced his love interests, but today, he did so! Many socialites’ hearts shattered on the spot. Willow’s face slowly started to turn pale. Her nails dug into her palm while she shot daggers at Maisie. Why? Why was Maisie so charming that she could make Nolan admit to their relationship? She had been by his side for six years, but he never openly admitted to their relationship. She couldn’t accept that! The PR manager carefully explained, “Mr. Goldmann, I’m sorry,

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