Chapter 1102

Yorrick sat up and put the back of his hand to his forehead, then leaned back on the seat. When they got to the hotel, Xyla helped him into the room. Just when she was going to put him to bed, he pulled her down with his body weight, and she fell on him. Her lips grazed his nose, and she froze. His warm alcoholic breath blew onto her cheek, and she beamed at the man who was under her with his eyes closed. She tried to get up, but an arm pulled her back into his arms. She was stunned, and her heart skipped a beat. Yorrick slowly opened his eyes and smiled drunkenly, “I’m drunk.” “What… What does getting drunk have anything to do with me?” Xyla tried to get up again, but he held her tight with his arm, and she locked eyes with him. Yorrick looked drunk, but he might not be. “Xyla, I’m troubled by you sometimes.” Xyla was startled. “What? Troubled? Yorrick cupped her cheek and smiled. His alcoholic breath got in her face. “Yes, troubled by you because you’re everywhere. I don’t

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