Chapter 1103

Xyla smiled meekly, but there was no joy in her eyes, “I’m 29, almost 30. Isn’t that normal?” She got into the van. Mindy brought a glass of warm water and watched her drink it, “Xy, I don’t think you should be doing any one-night stuff. Your reputation would be ruined if the paparazzi caught you.” Xyla put the glass down and smiled. “I wouldn’t do too badly if it was with a high-class tycoon.” Mindy’s face dropped. … Xyla hadn’t met Yorrick for a week. Her final scene was today, and she would say goodbye to the crew after that. She walked to the car with the flowers from the crew in her arms. Mindy was opening the door for her when she saw a man waiting inside. She was surprised. Xyla immediately blocked her face with the bouquet and looked at Mindy, “Why is he— Ah!” Xyla was pulled into the car and into his arms. Yorrick motioned at Mindy to close the door. After a brief moment, Mindy closed the door. Xyla lowered her head and played with the petals, “How can I help you,

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